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The Smell of Snow

I stepped outside of church last night to a very familiar smell. I could feel it in the air.

Yesterday was a rainy morning followed by a damp, overcast day. After the sun went down there was a chill to the air.

Oh yes, this smell was unmistakable: (more…)

Oh the Weather Outside Is Frightful… Wait, No It Isn’t!

It is January 3. Where I’m from in Illinois, it is pretty cold by this time of the year. So cold, that the highs typically do not even reach up to the freezing point. In fact, their weather forecast for the next week is only in the 20s (in Fahrenheit). Which, actually isn’t too bad – it could be a lot worse. Anyone care for some -30 weather??

However, I live in Tennessee now. I am wearing a light sweater. I went outside without a coat. The highs for the next week are in the mid 40s.There is not a single flake of snow to be found. (more…)

Anticipating a Southern Winter

One of the things that I am looking forward to having just moved from Illinois to Tennessee is the milder winters. Well, milder according to my perspective. After enduring a few especially cold winters recently (having a few days that went 50 below zero), the thought of the temperatures staying at or above zero sounds downright toasty to me.

So far the fall has been beautiful here. The temperature is slowly cooling off, the humidity has disappeared – it’s the perfect weather for spending time outdoors. Growing up, when we trick or treated we usually had to wear a few layers under our costumes to stay warm. But it was so nice here for Halloween weekend that if I had been a kid, I would have been thrilled about not having to layer up! Oh wait… I did wear a costume to a party, and I didn’t have to wear a coat. It was wonderful to not look like the kid from A Christmas Story who can’t move because of all the layers! (more…)

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