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Creative Wedding Invitation

My friend Rachael is getting married today! I can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle and marry the man God has for her!

Rachael sent out really cute invitations and RSVPs a few months ago. The RSVP was a Mad Lib. How clever!

Here is the front:

Here is the interior:

The Mad Lib was so much fun! I filled out mine with musical terms since Rachael is a violinist. The back of the Mad Lib was like a postcard with Rachael’s address and a stamp.

I wish Matthew and Rachael all the best today and after – with all of the blessings God has for them!

India, Day 6 – Zambians, the Slums, and a Wedding

These thoughts are excerpts from my journal from my trip to India: 

December 6

Tara and I started out the morning by giving the girls a few of the items that the team and I brought over. She explained that they don’t get everything at one time because she wants them to appreciate it all. So we gave them a few things: hairbrushes, hairbows, a few new dresses, some candy. It felt like Christmas morning – it was so much fun to see their reactions to it all. They kept saying “Thank you Akka!” while touching my face and giving countless hugs.


Hersey Bar Wedding Wrapper

When my friend Dani (day-nee) was planning her wedding, she came to me asking for help with their favor.They wanted everyone to receive a Hersey bar with a custom wrapper on it. So Dani and I sat down at Starbucks, she told me what she wanted and in about an hour this is what we came up with: (more…)

Wedding Hangover

On Friday night, I witnessed the beautiful marriage of my friend Dani to the love of her life, Joey. I had the honor and privilege of helping them set up, decorate, and just serving them where needed.

I spent the entire week – Monday through Friday – running around helping the family get things ready. My pedometer on my phone told me that I walked anywhere from 5-8 miles each day. But when it came time for the ceremony on Friday night, the room looked gorgeous. The room was set up with round tables, covered in white table cloths with blue overlays. Then there were dishes, favors, candles and white roses on each table. We had decorated the room with white Christmas lights everywhere. The aisle was lined with white columns, flower garland, tulle, and candles. Both the ceremony and the reception took place in the same room. As people arrived, they were seated at the tables where they both watched the ceremony and enjoyed the reception. The whole evening was filled with touches that reflected their personalities. And Dani was simply stunning in her beautiful white dress. (more…)

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