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When the Water is Safer

The ocean and I are not exactly simpatico. Bodies of water and I have always had a love-hate relationship… but mostly hate. But this morning I came across an article on Yahoo! news where I think water would be the safer option than land. In the article was a video of millions of migrating hermit crabs on the beach.

Here, just watch….  (more…)

8 Days Without Dew

I have officially made it eight days on a new reduced Dew plan. I have felt like for some time now, I should reduce the amount of Mountain Dew that I consume. Not that I’m consuming obscene amounts, but one can or small bottle every afternoon isn’t totally necessary. I have gone without it before, but I do enjoy the taste of it, and usually end up back into the daily habit. I think part of the problem was that I’ve had an all-or-nothing/cold-turkey approach to it previously. This usually sets me up for failure. (more…)

The Blessing of Running Water

When was the last time you thanked God that you have running water whenever you go to the faucet? I know I take it for granted all too often.

“While some are used to clean water as something ordinary, for millions finding it is a daily struggle. In India’s Mumbai many local families lack adequate water supply – although they say some have enough to pour away. RT’s Priya Sridhar found out how difficult the search for water can be, even in the country’s economic hub.” (more…)

My Relationship with Water

Water and I have an unstable relationship. It all started when I was young. My mom decided that it would be a good idea for my brother and I to take swimming lessons at the local pool. I was game for this because little did I know what a fickle friend water would be. In my 7-year-old mind, it seemed like water would make such a good friend. And at first, water was a great friend. I loved to play and splash in pools in my little adorable swim suits with the frilly tutus. But when it came time to actually learn to swim by putting my face in the water, I quickly discovered that water didn’t always play nice.

Sure, every kid sucks in a little water when first learning to swim, but water had a way of creeping into my nose and down my throat even when I was holding my breath. After trying for many summers to master the art of holding my breath without pinching my nose shut, I am said to say, I still to this day do not have that talent. No matter how hard I try, water weasels it’s way down my wind pipe in yet another attempt to drown me. (more…)

Stations of the Cross, Church of the Holy Scepter, Hezekaih’s Tunnel, & Ramparts – Israel, September 7

Our journey this day took us through the Stations of the Cross – the Via Dolorosa. We started in the Roman Quarters where the Roman soldiers lived in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. It was only discovered 100 years ago when a church was built on the site. The original floor level of the courtyard is now underground, and a roof-structure was built so that the church could be built over the site while preserving the Quarters. This is where Jesus was beaten and whipped. In one area of the stones, game boards were scratched in by the soldiers. Grace and I took off our sandals, to put our feet on the very stones where Jesus feet had been. (more…)

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