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February 2013 Ministry Update

Happy Spring!

Well, spring is starting to show here in Tennessee, even though I know my northern friends are currently getting a fresh blanket of snow. But the daffodils are blooming here and their little yellow faces bring me so much joy! I love spring – the new life that it brings. It makes me think of our new life in Christ and all He has done for me.

There is much going on in my life right now. I have briefly written about it in the document below. Plus, I have included a list of some urgent needs that have come up recently. Please prayerfully consider if the Lord is asking you to help me in one or more of those areas.  (more…)

When the Water is Safer

The ocean and I are not exactly simpatico. Bodies of water and I have always had a love-hate relationship… but mostly hate. But this morning I came across an article on Yahoo! news where I think water would be the safer option than land. In the article was a video of millions of migrating hermit crabs on the beach.

Here, just watch….  (more…)

STEPS Documentary

Just before I went to India in December 2011, STEPS Home had some other guests. Isaac was telling me about a filming crew that was coming from a Canadian ministry (Living Truth) to do a documentary about the STEPS girls. Because of their efforts in 2007, money was raised to help purchase the land that the new STEPS Home will be built on. The documentary that they filmed five months ago was just aired all over Canada and in parts of the US.


A “Crazy” Friday!

It’s Friday! Go crazy!

Do a little dance – maybe even a Bill-Cosby-like dance!

Pick up your drum and bang on it! Knock over your djembe!  (more…)

On Being Single

Being single definitely has both its perks and drawbacks. And there are days when one side definitely outweighs the other… usually it’s the perks, but occasionally it’s not. And of course there are very sweet, well-meaning people who want you to share the joy that they found in marital bliss, but don’t always know quite how to say it. Usually it is very thoughtful; unfortunately, sometimes it is awkward.

The other day I stumbled across a video and it made me laugh. (more…)

Friday Sing-a-Long: “Jump!”

It’s Friday!

So it is time for another installment of “Friday Sing-a-Long” with MercyMe and one of their Cover Tune Grab Bag songs. These guys crack me up.

Enjoy your Friday and sing along if you know it… and you know you do!  (more…)

Need a Laugh? How About a Camel Laugh?

Have the Monday Blahs? Do you need a good laugh to start out your week? You will want to watch this little video.

I find this funny every time I watch it… I can’t help but laugh!


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