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October 9 Devos – Freedom & Victory‏

Here is the most recent devotional that I sent out to the girls of my small group….

Hello beloved daughters of the King!

(We will be discussing this devotional further at our Retreat. So please come ready to discuss!)

Last week I shared a brief thought about stepping out of fear and into victory and freedom, and I think the Lord wants us to dwell on that some more.

I have had to step out of many places of fear in my own life, and He’s been helping me step out of another one recently. One of the biggest places of fear that the enemy held me in for a long time was the fear of rejection. I had very few friends growing up – for some reason I was the one that the rest of my classmates decided to exclude. I strived for my father’s attention, but felt ignored. In college I also felt isolated at times. Naturally, I began to fear that I would be rejected by everyone, even God. So Jesus had to help me work through a lot of rejection to come to a place of victory. I had to work through forgiveness and learn that I have value in Christ. And now I have joy in the victory of laying those things down!  (more…)

My Name in Flowers

Recently, Jesus showed me a picture of a flowerbed. In it were yellow and purple pansies. I asked Him what it meant. Slowly, over the next couple of weeks, He showed me some interesting things about it. And since then, I have seen yellow and purple pansies EVERYwhere.

The first thing He showed me was that the flower bed was full, but there was room for more. I felt encouraged by this, even though I still had no idea what it meant. (more…)

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