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Child Tries to Kill Herself – Gospel for Asia

This story is taken from: Child Tries to Kill Herself – Gospel for Asia.

Kanti was desperate. She and her family couldn’t escape the death, sickness, poverty and discrimination that had devastated their lives. In despair, Kanti tried to kill herself. She hadn’t even turned 9 years old yet.

Her story of despair had started years earlier. The child’s father died of alcohol-related liver failure when she was very young. As the family fell deeper into poverty, Kanti’s mother, Lona, began cleaning houses to earn money for herself and her son and daughter. But when she fell sick with tuberculosis, she couldn’t keep up the work. So, while all Kanti’s friends started school, the little girl was forced to wash dishes for a living.

Kanti did this until one of the people she worked for found out she was from a low caste. In a moment, thousands of years of discrimination destroyed what sense of value the little girl had for herself.

Because of the problems Kanti faced, including being deemed “untouchable” by society, she attempted suicide. (more…)

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