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Tote for India

I bought this cute purse back when I visited Turkey. However, as much as I’ve used it, it’s starting to fall apart.

So for my trip back to India, I decided I needed to make a tote to carry around with me. And since purple and yellow pansies are kind of my thing, I found a fabric that had that type of pattern.  (more…)

Eliana’s Tote

After posting the blog about the tote that I made, I received an email from a friend asking me to make a smaller version for her little girl. After getting Eliana’s color preferences, I came up with a plan. I gathered some pink material, pink paint, and the canvas for the bag.

This is Eliana’s tote:

Octopus & Bible Verse Tote

This weekend my craftiness was itching to get out. Therefore I decided that I needed to make a new tote to carry my things. Most of my current bags are rather small, so I came to the logical conclusion that I needed a bigger one. After much internet searching, I found a design I liked here.

I printed out the pattern, but really only used it to see what measurements that pattern suggested – which I ended up modifying anyway. I began by digging through my tubs of fabric to decide which ones to use.


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