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Northern Verbiage

Since writing about the Southern Verbiage (see here and here) that I have learned since moving from Illinois to Tennessee, I thought it only fitting that I write about some of the words and phrases that are common to the North.

pop/soda (n.) – any soft drink, different areas of the North use one term or the other exclusively, either side convinced that their word of choice is the correct word

bubbler (n.) – nickname for a drinking fountain; term used to describe how the water bubbles up out of the fountain; term used only in a small pocket of Wisconsin

Want to go with? (example phrase) – common phrase used that ends with a proposition (more…)

Southern Verbiage, Part 2

I have learned a few more southern words and phrases since my post about Southern Verbiage that I want to share. Enjoy!

might could/maybe could (v.) – an expression of willingness to perform some task; example: “Well I might could drop that off for ya tomorrow.”

Slap your mama! (phrase) – used to express enjoyment, something good; example: “Those crawfish were slap your mama good!” (more…)

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