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I’m All Shook Up

Yesterday I was relaxing on my bed and perusing Facebook. It was a lazy morning… well, it was sorta still morning. It was actually 12:20pm. But hey, I had only been awake for an hour, so it still felt like morning to me.

As I was reading about my friends’ latest news, my world got rocked. Literally.

Surely the door to the garage had been slammed. No… the shaking lasted too long, and was much more intense. The bed and the wall trembled for at least 15 seconds and it sounded like a fleet of semi trucks were rolling by.  (more…)

Day 13, India Summer 2012 – Chameleon, Sketchy Food, & Shopping

The following is excerpts from my journal from my most recent trip to see the girls of STEPS Home in India. 

August 4 –

The girls had school today (Saturday), but we got a little hang-time with Vanija and Angel this morning!


We played “spot the chameleon on the post”. Can you see him?  (more…)

God’s Been Good to Me

Tonight I on my walk, instead of listening to the radio, I listened to the songs on my mp3 player. The very first song that played was “God’s Been Good to Me” by Keith Urban. It was so incredibly appropriate to where I am in life right now (even right down to being in Tennessee), that I replayed it a few times. It was just another reminder to stop and thank God for how good He has been to me! (more…)

Birds of Tennessee

This winter and spring I have noticed many differences and similarities in the birds between Illinois and Tennessee. The two states have many birds in common, including the Cardnial, Bluejay, Robin, Mourning Dove, Goldfinches, and many other small Finches.

Goldfinch (Photo Source)


Rocky Top

Having lived in Knoxville now for the better part of a year, I have come to learn that there is a song that every Tennessee resident must know how to sing. I have heard it everywhere, particularly at concerts and other large events (including outdoor church services), and includes boisterous singing by all. It is especially known for being the unofficial fight song of the University of Tennessee.

Of course, wanting to be a good Tennessee resident, I looked up the song on YouTube and have been listening to it and reading the lyrics to make sure that I can sing along next time I find myself in the midst of a “Rocky Top” sing-a-long. (more…)

Sliding Down Western Avenue

My alarm went off at 7:00am this morning. I checked Facebook, and sure enough, there was an email saying our Habitat for Humanity project was delayed until 10:00. I assumed this would happen because it snowed a little last night, maybe an inch or two. I decided to take full advantage of the delay, and went straight back to sleep in my warm bed.

I heard my alarm once more at 9:00am. I rechecked Facebook and as there were no new updates, I got up and got ready to go paint. You may think I’m strange, but I really do enjoy painting. Heading outside, I noted that it didn’t feel terribly cold; it felt like the snow would melt by mid-day. I quickly brushed off the inconsequential accumulation of snow on my car and drove off towards I-40. The roads were completely clear, just a little wet. The snow that had fallen was confined to the yards and foliage. I chuckled to myself as I thought about what it takes in northern Illinois for anything to get delayed or canceled. However, I figured, the roads could have been snow-covered until just recently, when it could have started melting off the roads. And I wouldn’t want any of my friends out on the roads if they were icy. (more…)

The Most Beautiful Snowfall

I am watching what is arguably the most beautiful snowfall, at least that I have ever seen.  They are falling so gently and softly. Everything on the ground is being tucked in under a large fluffy white quilt. It makes me want to put on my mittens and go outside and play in it! Or, maybe just curl up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm kitty, then sit back and enjoy the miracle of God’s creation. (more…)

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