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A “Crazy” Friday!

It’s Friday! Go crazy!

Do a little dance – maybe even a Bill-Cosby-like dance!

Pick up your drum and bang on it! Knock over your djembe!  (more…)


I simply love this skit. It is so beautifully powerful. It makes me tear up, thinking of all that Jesus has done for me and saved me from. There is nothing you’ve done that Jesus can’t save you from! You just have to ask Him…. (more…)

Rocky Top

Having lived in Knoxville now for the better part of a year, I have come to learn that there is a song that every Tennessee resident must know how to sing. I have heard it everywhere, particularly at concerts and other large events (including outdoor church services), and includes boisterous singing by all. It is especially known for being the unofficial fight song of the University of Tennessee.

Of course, wanting to be a good Tennessee resident, I looked up the song on YouTube and have been listening to it and reading the lyrics to make sure that I can sing along next time I find myself in the midst of a “Rocky Top” sing-a-long. (more…)

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