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A Spoonful of Jelly Makes the Oatmeal Go Down!

I love oatmeal. It is just one of those yummy comfort foods that’s great any time of the day. The other day I was in the mood for a bowl, so I grabbed some quick oats and started microwaving¬†them. I then began looking for the brown sugar and cinnamon to put on them. I searched high and low, but the brown sugar was not to be found! Well, now what was I going to do? Plain oatmeal isn’t all that great.


Cracker Bark

Cracker Bark (otherwise known as Saltine Toffee Cookies) is a wonderfully easy treat that has become a huge hit in this house! It totally fulfills the sweet-tooth craving when the urge hits. After getting some as a gift, we looked up the recipe on to get the exact directions, and found the specifics here. (more…)

Power Balls

I love these peanut butter treats. They are packed with all sorts of good things such as protein, and they are delicious! And what’s great is that they mix together quickly and are no-bake. I sometimes eat one or two in the morning for breakfast and it easily tides me over until lunch. (more…)

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