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Dating, Fear, and Identity

Oh, he was slick!

He found a perfectly legitimate reason to get my number. He called to discuss the Perspectives class that we were taking. He hung around me and my friends in class.

Then he did it in the smoothest way possible – he asked me out to dinner and invited my two friends along. He was smart. I was so much more at east. And even though only T could make it (since W was sick), I was so much less nervous about it. I was going on a date!  (more…)

On Being Single

Being single definitely has both its perks and drawbacks. And there are days when one side definitely outweighs the other… usually it’s the perks, but occasionally it’s not. And of course there are very sweet, well-meaning people who want you to share the joy that they found in marital bliss, but don’t always know quite how to say it. Usually it is very thoughtful; unfortunately, sometimes it is awkward.

The other day I stumbled across a video and it made me laugh. (more…)

Valentine’s Day, Singleness, and 100 Roses

The commercial world calls it Valentine’s Day. Those of us without someone to spend it with call it Single’s Awareness Day. Just the mention of this day used to bring out a long-time bitterness. In grade school we all exchanged Valentine’s cards in class, but only because we were forced to give one to everyone. But the looks in people’s eyes as they placed their pink, red, and white cards into certain classmate’s hastily constructed Valentine’s Bags definitely spoke volumes that they were not happy about the arrangement. I think that is where I started dreading the day. As I went through middle school and high school, the pressure changed to have a ‘date’ to spend the day with and go to the school dance with only increased the anxiety of the holiday.


A dream, interrupted.

Have you ever had one of those dreams? It is so blissfully perfect that you do not want it to end? But of course you wake up, usually at the best part, and no matter what you do you cannot get back in. It is enough to put one in a yucky mood for the first few hours of the morning.

Being single, I sometimes daydream about what sort of a husband God will bring me someday. And sometimes I dream about it. In this dream, I met my Mr. Someday. True to dream-worldness, I walked down a grand flight of stairs to meet him. We began to talk. We were just about to leave on a date when it happened. An alarm went off. And not my alarm, either.  I think I may have audibly gasped. I quickly rolled over and willed myself back to sleep. Of course this practically never works, and I was afraid I would miss the best part! (more…)

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