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Lengthening My Skirt

Before I left for my first trip to India in December, a very sweet friend from church gave me a beautiful skirt (I was in need of a few long skirts to wear while I was there). I absolutely loved having it with me because it was lightweight and breezy. Here, I’ll show you…

I love that I can wear it with so many different shirts because it is so colorful. There is only one minor problem… I’m 5’10, and it was not made with a tall person in mind. Well, that may not be entirely true. It is a long skirt… it goes almost down to my ankles. And while it probably wasn’t an issue, I felt a little self-conscious while in India that it wasn’t covering my ankles. So before I head back over there in a month, I decided that I would lengthen it so that I would be comfortable.  (more…)

Octopus & Bible Verse Tote

This weekend my craftiness was itching to get out. Therefore I decided that I needed to make a new tote to carry my things. Most of my current bags are rather small, so I came to the logical conclusion that I needed a bigger one. After much internet searching, I found a design I liked here.

I printed out the pattern, but really only used it to see what measurements that pattern suggested – which I ended up modifying anyway. I began by digging through my tubs of fabric to decide which ones to use.


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