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September 2012 Ministry Update

Happy Fall!

I love this time of year! I got to go home for a short weekend and the leaves in IL are already beginning to change. And our horseback ride took us through some half-harvested corn fields. It definitely feels like fall there! Here in TN it is still in the 70s everyday (thankfully!), and the leaves won’t begin changing for a few weeks yet. But soon the mountains will display God’s handiwork as the trees begin to change colors. It is truly a wonderful time to live in the mountains.

STEPS has been growing in the last few weeks – meet the new girls in my update.  (more…)


Thankful Thursdays

This Thursday I am thankful for:

1. A safe drive home yesterday from TN to IL. It was free from snow storms, and rained only a little. Only for a few minutes did I drive through torrential rains… which is much better than my last few drives!

2. My books on cd. They make the drive go SOOOOO much faster. I have been listning to The Chronicles of Narnia recently. Yesterday I finished The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

3. Getting to see my sweet friend Anne and her two adorable boys! I am having lunch with them today and I always look forward to my time with them when I am home.

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