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Day 10, India Summer 2012 – Homework

The following is excerpts from my journal from my most recent trip to see the girls of STEPS Home in India. 

August 1 –

We woke up this morning to very little water pressure… it made showering interesting, to say the least.

At this morning’s meeting, Isaac had Theresa and I both share our stories with his staff. When we got done sharing, Isaac said, “They (meaning all three of us) come from America, the land of milk and honey, but they have struggles and pain too… God is writing all of our stories to make us look more like himself.”

Isaac then showed us and his staff a movie in Tamil that was just released. It tells the story of a family and how the patriarch of the family uses the Vedas (the Hindu scriptures) to tell Hindus about Jesus. Even though we didn’t understand most of what was being said (a few things here and there were in English), it was still a powerful story. It was very interesting.  (more…)

Day 3, India Summer 2012 – Reunited

The following is excerpts from my journal from my most recent trip to see the girls of STEPS Home in India. 

July 25 –

We landed late and Mike’s suitcase didn’t arrive. It took a while to file a claim with the airport. (We found out two days later that his suitcase was sent on to the city of Bangalore.)

Instead of leaving the airport around 4 or 5, like was scheduled, we didn’t get out of there until 7. Rohan and Ben were there to pick us up, and we stopped by the office quick before heading to the house. By the time we got to the house, the girls were already at school. But it was good to see everyone (Isaac, Tara, et al) and we hung out until breakfast time.  (more…)

India, Day 7 – Saris, a Frog, a Bandicoot, and a Roach

These thoughts are excerpts from my journal from my trip to India: 

December 7

Today was a relaxing day. Rick, Travis, and Aaron met with a missionary in the area, and Tara took the rest of us shopping. We went to a store that would have been the equivalent of a large department store. I found two saris (the wrap dresses they wear) – a beautiful blue and purple one, and a deep emerald green one. Before I can wear them I will still need to get the petticoats to go under them and have the blouses made. Here is one of the finished products:

We went back to the office for lunch where Isaac had Chinese waiting for us. He feeds us so well! After lunch we went shopping again. Isaac’s friend Matthew went along with us this time, and of course Rohan came with us, too. We went to Cane & Bamboo – a shop where everything is made by people with disabilities. I did some shopping for some Christmas gifts in this store.


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