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Collecting Rainbows

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Enter a dream with me, if you will….

Standing in the middle of a wide field of rolling hills, you feel the sun warming you. There is a soft breeze that carries the scents of wildflowers and lavender. The air also smells fresh and clean – just like after good rain. A few fluffy clouds lazily drift through the sky. That’s when you look to the left and notice a beautiful arced rainbow. The colors are so vivid that you can’t help but stare at it. The longer you stare, you begin to notice that there is something different about this rainbow – almost a solid quality. But rainbows aren’t solid, they are made of light, and you know this. So this one really has your attention now. You begin to walk closer, expecting the solid-looking mirage to fade, just like a natural rainbow should. But it doesn’t fade. In fact, the closer you get, the more clearly you can see it. You are finally close enough to touch it – which is also odd, shouldn’t have moved as you moved? You hold your breath as you reach out, expecting your hand to pass through it. But your fingers find a hard, smooth substance. It is made of glass! As you stand there in awe, something tells you that like a normal rainbow (even this is FAR from normal), it will fade shortly and disappear. Quickly you remove the backpack from your shoulders and unzip it on the ground. You reach out and begin breaking pieces of the rainbow off and stuff them in your backpack. You know that you have just encountered something spectacular, and you want to take the pieces to remind you of this amazing experience. Because magically, these pieces will endure for all time, even when the rest of the rainbow will disappear. (more…)


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