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Monsoon Season

Monsoon season has begun in Chennai, India. Today was the first day in five that it didn’t rain.

Chennai has two monsoon seasons – one in the winter and one in the spring. This monsoon season is just getting started. In October, they get an average of 10 inches of rain, and in November, they get an average of 16 inches of rain each year.

So to stay dry, the girls of STEPS are gearing up for this rainy season.  (more…)

Thankful Thursdays

This week I am thankful for:

1. Thunderstorms. I fell asleep to one last night. The sound of the rain was so relaxing.

(Photo Source(more…)

One of Those Moments…

The other day I had one of those moments… the moment when you are ready to pick up your phone to call someone you love only to remember quickly (and painfully) that they are not here anymore.

My friend Theresa called me last week because her car battery had died and she needed a jump in order to get to church. I drove over the park where she was waiting, in the rain no less. We both fumbled with our umbrellas and we lifted the cars’ hoods and I searched through my trunk to find my jumper cables. I had a large umbrella, thankfully, having to practically lay down in my trunk to get to the very back of it where the cables were stored, I could feel my backside getting wet. Fabulous! Seriously, who wants to go to church with a wet rump? (more…)

Music in the Rain

I woke up this morning actually somewhat motivated to go for a walk before I headed to the office. Rolling over, I heard the steady fall of the rain and knew that if I went through with my plan, I would be getting two showers back-to-back. I decided to catch up on a little sleep instead, not really caring to start my day feeling like a drowned rat.

I did eventually have to go out in the rain to make a quick trip to the post office. After  unsuccessfully navigating over a puddle, and found myself wishing I had some cute galoshes for a day when building an ark sounds like a good idea and discovered that my raincoat and umbrella did little to keep the rest of me dry.

Quickly I turned on my car and aimed the heated air at my feet to hopefully dry out my shoes quickly. I flicked on the windshield wipers and turned up the music on K-Love. They were playing Mercy Me’s “You Reign”. (more…)

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