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Thankful Thursdays

This Thursday I am thankful for:

1. Dutch letters! Oh, they are the most wonderful confection.
I get them only once or twice a year, but they are wonderful… especially the ones that come from my cousin’s world-famous bakery (Jaarsma’s) in Pella,Iowa. While I was home last weekend, I got to partake of their flaky goodness, and rich almond paste centers. (Am I making you drool yet??)


Bethlehem – Israel, September 9

This was the day our little group of six ventured into Bethlehem, while the rest of our group was catching planes to go home. Bethlehem is less than 6 miles south of Jerusalem. However, Bethlehem is under Palestinian control so that means a boarder-crossing to enter the city. On any given day, this crossing can take hours. But because it was a holiday for both the Muslims and the Jews, we literally drove straight up to the gates and passed right on through. It was a Christmas miracle! …or something like that.

On our drive through Bethlehem, we passed signs for Boaz’s Field Restaurant, Ruth’s Restaurant, and a green and white “Star and Bucks” cafe.

Our first stop in Bethlehem was at the Church of the Nativity – the traditional site of Jesus’ birth. We visited the different sections of the church, designated for different denominations. We even got to go a back way down into the cave where the traditional site where Jesus was born. (more…)

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