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Lunch Notes

For the past week on my facebook feed, I have been seeing so many First-Day-of-School pictures. I remember the excitement of wearing my new outfit, with a new backpack full of new school supplies (especially that box of brand new crayons!), and getting ready to go into my new classroom. I was one of those kids that genuinely loved going to school.

One of my favorite things about school was the anticipation of opening my lunchbox. I usually knew what kind of sandwich I would be getting, since my mom always asked me what I wanted. Butter, peanut butter, and homemade pickle slices was one of my favorites. Don’t judge if you haven’t tried it! It was amazing!

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Power Balls

I love these peanut butter treats. They are packed with all sorts of good things such as protein, and they are delicious! And what’s great is that they mix together quickly and are no-bake. I sometimes eat one or two in the morning for breakfast and it easily tides me over until lunch. (more…)

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