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My Story of Healing: Christmas

This is a continuation of my story of the healing process that the Lord has had me on recently. You can read about it under My Story of Healing

The 12-hour drive between TN and northern IL is usually really tough on my back. By the time I arrive at my destination, all I want to do is lay as flat on my back as possible to stretch out the aching muscles. But since I’d been feeling better than usual recently, I thought this drive home might be different.

About 3 hours into the drive though, I was in pain. I called my sweet friend, Theresa, who so quickly began an internet search for the closest Walgreens for me. I pulled over and bought a box of those heat patches and quickly stuck one on my lower back. Why hadn’t I thought of this idea sooner?? It made the rest of the drive so much less painful than it usually is – both to IL and back.  (more…)

My Healing Story: 6 Weeks Since QW

I am in the midst of a healing work that the Lord is doing in my life. Read about The Need, The Past 6 Months, and Quiet Waters to find out what He has done so far!

Quiet Waters was almost six weeks ago. Since that amazing night of ministry, I have been noticing things I’ve never felt before. Instead of just all over aches or a sore lower back, I have been having very localized aches and pains. It is sometimes the size of a tennis ball, and that area will ache sometimes for minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes a day or more. But then it moves and somewhere else very specific will hurt. Considering the “slow surgery,” it makes sense that the Lord is strategically moving around my back, putting this muscle back, stretching that tendon, maneuvering that bone… He’s working.

On November 28, I went to The Well at church – our weekly prayer and worship time. The night began with some really sweet worship. I was in the back of the room, thanking the Lord for the work on my back He has done so far. Eventually Danny (Pastor of Prayer) gave us directions to get into groups of 3 or 4 to pray for one another for any healing that we need. I ended up in a group with Danny and my sweet friend Robyn. Danny told us about a women in our church who needed our prayers that day for healing, so we began by praying for her healing… for her back.

As we finished praying for her, (more…)

October 9 Devos – Freedom & Victory‏

Here is the most recent devotional that I sent out to the girls of my small group….

Hello beloved daughters of the King!

(We will be discussing this devotional further at our Retreat. So please come ready to discuss!)

Last week I shared a brief thought about stepping out of fear and into victory and freedom, and I think the Lord wants us to dwell on that some more.

I have had to step out of many places of fear in my own life, and He’s been helping me step out of another one recently. One of the biggest places of fear that the enemy held me in for a long time was the fear of rejection. I had very few friends growing up – for some reason I was the one that the rest of my classmates decided to exclude. I strived for my father’s attention, but felt ignored. In college I also felt isolated at times. Naturally, I began to fear that I would be rejected by everyone, even God. So Jesus had to help me work through a lot of rejection to come to a place of victory. I had to work through forgiveness and learn that I have value in Christ. And now I have joy in the victory of laying those things down!  (more…)

Thankful Thursdays

This week I am thankful for:

1. Workout buddies. I would have totally stayed in bed today if I didn’t have the accountability of knowing that two people were waiting for me.  (more…)

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