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March 2012 Ministry Update – Back to India!

Happy Spring!

Yes, you read it right – I am going back to India! I am very excited about returning to STEPS Home and the city of Chennai. I definitely left a piece of my heart there in December. Below you will find all of the details of my trip as well as how you can help! I am also building a small team to take over with me. If you know anyone who is interested in a summer mission trip to an orphanage, let me know, send them my way, or send them this link. (more…)

Say Hello to the Director of STEPS Girls’ Home!

Recenly, the founders and directors of a new Christian girls’ home called STEPS in southeast India came to us. Isaac and Tara are long-time friends of our ministry and personal friends of Dave & Grace. They felt God’s calling to open a Christian orphanage for abandoned and neglected girls in their area. Originally they just asked us to help them get support from the US to India. But we felt God’s calling to much much more than that.

As of last week Monday, I am now the Director of STEPS! At least as far as our ministry is concerned. I am so excited about this amazing opportunity that I have been given! (more…)

July 2011 Ministry Update

I have really really big news! Really really exciting news! See below to find out more:

(If you cannot read the Update, just click on the picture to open it in a new window, and then you can zoom in for easier reading.) (more…)

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