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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here, huh? I guess that you could say that life has been busy – but I know that’s not the main reason. really, it has been because I’ve been in an intense season of growth, change, and learning. And sometimes you can’t put into words the things that you need to express while in the midst of that time. Though I pray that I will always have a heart that is willing to grow, change, and learn. But I feel like now I am coming out of that concentrated season and that God has released me to begin writing again.  (more…)

Dolphin Falls Under Attack by ‘Naughty Octopus’

I discovered this amusing article this morning and just had to share it. I enjoy how smart and mischievous octopus are.

This article was taken from here.

For the dolphin it seems to have been a painful lesson learned, and for the octopus, a joy ride it will not soon forget….

A scientist who studies dolphins off western Greece last week captured an incredible sequence of images — perhaps the first of their kind — showing a leaping bottlenose dolphin with a large octopus clinging to its belly.



I love summer foods, especially picnic food! As a kid, I especially loved hot dogs. Now that I’m older and sometimes in the care of other’s children, I’m always looking for something fun that kids will actually enjoy eating. (I like to be the “cool” babysitter!)

So one time I stumbled across this really great idea for hot dogs. With a knife, you slice straight down into the hot dog, about half-way down. You make 4 cuts, which will create the 8 legs. If you want to get fancy, you can carve out little eyes and a mouth on each of them. (more…)

Octopus & Bible Verse Tote

This weekend my craftiness was itching to get out. Therefore I decided that I needed to make a new tote to carry my things. Most of my current bags are rather small, so I came to the logical conclusion that I needed a bigger one. After much internet searching, I found a design I liked here.

I printed out the pattern, but really only used it to see what measurements that pattern suggested – which I ended up modifying anyway. I began by digging through my tubs of fabric to decide which ones to use.


Becoming a Red Octopus

I don’t generally get into celebrating Halloween. But this year I was invited to a bonfire party with the single’s group that I just started getting involved with. And since dressing up was part of the contests for the evening, I decided that I better not be a party-pooper.

Now that I had decided I was going to follow through with this plan, I had to come up with a really great costume idea. I started perusing all of the websites, looking for a costume that I could reproduce. After a few hours of getting frustrated by the uncreative, cheap-looking, or just down-right prostitute-ish costumes, I gave up and started thinking about what I had with me here in Tennessee that I could use. Unfortunately many of the things I would usually use for a costume were back in IL.

I had the idea to dress up as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s – all I’d need was a black dress, pearls, and the cigarette holder… but my black dress was in IL as well. And since our party was to be outside, I didn’t think that that would be conducive to games or being around a bonfire. Definitely did not want my little black dress smelling of smoke! Yuck! (more…)

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