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Modern-Day Knights In Shining Armor

I think that most girls at some point in their lives dream about someday being rescued from ensuing calamity by a knight in shining armor, riding upon a beautiful white steed. I have just encountered what I would classify as a knight – actually, two of them. They were beacons of hope in a dismal place; feeling locked in a tall prison tower. The tower has been guarded by a ruthless dragon for three weeks now.

The first brave knight arrived Tuesday morning, carried by his white and black steed. He valiantly tried to slay the dragon that had reared its head, creating calamity and chaos in the world around me. Unfortunately, his skills were no match for the beast. He retreated with the promise to send a more skilled knight the next day. So, I awaited the coming of the next knight from my high prison tower, guarded still by the terrible beast. (more…)


Thursday, November 11 was a sad day. I came home from nannying to find that the internet in the entire neighborhood was down. Surely though, an internet outage that large would have the company out fixing it quickly, so I did not distress.

However, we were soon to find out that the internet outage caused something here at the house and ministry house to go kurplunk. The three days that were were completely without, I found myself rushing off to Starbucks to get my new favorite drink (the Peppermint Mocha – mmmmm….) as an excuse to use their free wi-fi. Since that date, we have had varying levels of internet. As of today, we are down to one computer that has internet in the entire office. This makes for an interesting game of ‘Who Has the Most Urgent Internet Need?’ (more…)

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