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Day 4, India Summer 2012 – St. Thomas’ Mount

The following is excerpts from my journal from my most recent trip to see the girls of STEPS Home in India. 

July 26 –

We got up this morning and had time to play with girls since they didn’t have school today. Then mid-morning, Isaac took a few of us to the office send an email to our families, and to exchange our dollars to rupees.

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The Battle with the Bulge

Recently I’ve been writing a little bit about working out… or my lack thereof. I am happy to report that my lack has ended. I have finally gotten myself motivated and have been walking in the evenings. Well, maybe it should be classified as more of a hike (I should invest in a walking stick!). The neighborhood that I live in is very short, so I have been going across the street to the next neighborhood to walk their roads. You can easily get a 5-mile walk in their subdivision… if you want to walk straight up the steepest hill inhabited by people this side of the Mississippi, that is.

I walked this subdivision last fall with a friend before going to Israel, to get in good touring shape. Thankfully, I have since found a second way to the top of the hill. Instead of going straight up the whole way, this way winds its way up the side of the hill… or shall I say “mountain”. It is still intense, but much easier on my shins! (more…)

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