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October Baby

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Tonight I got to attend a screening of the movie October Baby with my sweet friend Natalie. I had heard a little about the movie, but really didn’t know much going into it. I was pleasantly surprised.

It is a beautifully told story of a young college-age girl who finds out that she is adopted. But as she begins to journey down the road to find out who she is, she uncovers a lot more than she bargained for. You will definitely want to bring along a few tissues when you see this movie. (Since K-Love sponsored the evening, they had little tissue packets in each of the cup holders for us.) The story is ultimately one of the power of forgiveness, reconciliation, and love. This movie will resonate with those who have adopted a child, are adopted, work to help others adopt, foster children, or have experienced the pain of abortion.  (more…)

Valentine’s Day, Singleness, and 100 Roses

The commercial world calls it Valentine’s Day. Those of us without someone to spend it with call it Single’s Awareness Day. Just the mention of this day used to bring out a long-time bitterness. In grade school we all exchanged Valentine’s cards in class, but only because we were forced to give one to everyone. But the looks in people’s eyes as they placed their pink, red, and white cards into certain classmate’s hastily constructed Valentine’s Bags definitely spoke volumes that they were not happy about the arrangement. I think that is where I started dreading the day. As I went through middle school and high school, the pressure changed to have a ‘date’ to spend the day with and go to the school dance with only increased the anxiety of the holiday.


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