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Thankful Thursdays

It’s that time of the week again! Today I am thankful for…

1. New friends. I love the Forero family from Panama – we got to spend 18 days with them. It was sad to see them go, but I look forward to our next meeting!

2. Some things cross language barriers. The littlest Forero didn’t speak English, but I enjoyed playing with him anyway. I suppose “chase” is a pretty universal game! And by the end of their visit, he could finally say my name… which meant he wanted me to chase him.

3. Brushing up on my Spanish. Being around native Spanish speakers always gives me a little boost to remember the Spanish I learned way back in high school.

Introduction to Tamil

I figured since I am going to be traveling to India now starting in December, I should probably learn some words and phrases in Tamil. Tamil is the language spoken by the people who live in southern India (as is my understanding so far), unlike other parts of the population that speak Hindi. After searching online for some cds to help me learn to speak Tamil, I unfortunately came up dry; most foreign language programs teach Hindi, but not Tamil. I was hoping to be able to listen to the cds, especially while driving back and forth when I travel to IL.

I did stumble across a series of youtube videos that may prove to be helpful though for now. A lady with a lovely voice has created a series of twelve lessons, including an introductory video that explains some of the background information. I have watched a few of them, and I think with some practice and repetition, I will pick up many useful phrases. The helpful thing about these videos is that the words are written in English pronunciation, not in the Tamil alphabet. Someday I would like to learn to read and write it, but first things first – I need to at least be able to introduce myself and greet people! (more…)

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