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Baby girl’s killing reveals India’s crisis of gender bias

I read this article this morning in The National. I’m not sure that it “reveals” the bias though because articles have been published on similar stories for some time now. However, the awareness of what is going on in India has been slow to get out to the rest of the world.

NEW DELHI // A three-month-old baby girl who police say was battered by her father because he wanted a son died yesterday, highlighting the plight of millions of India’s “unwanted girls”.

Neha Afreen died from cardiac arrest at a state-run hospital in Bangalore after battling for life for three days.  (more…)

News Report on India’s Secret

I am still jet lagging quite a bit from my very recent trip to India. But this morning when I got to the office, I saw an news feed on Yahoo’s homepage that I had to watch. I have already reported on the problem in India about the problem of female infanticide, but here is another news report about the problem. View it here:


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