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Thankful Thursdays

This week, I am thankful for:

1. Pets. More specifically, my Maine Coon cat. He is 19 pounds and can reach up to grab the edge of the counter top with his paws. His name is Istanbul, but I call him Izzy for short. He is my little buddy and I miss him. He lives with my mom, but I hope to move him here to Knoxville with me someday. Izzy has a bit of a “Lassie” personality – he will alert me when something is wrong and lead me to the problem, which is really handy when your laundry room is flooding due to a backed-up drain!  (more…)

Sniffing Boots

While I was home last weekend, I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my mom and brother. One day, Adam came home after work and left his boots by the back door since he had been out doing field work that day.

Within a few minutes, my cat Izzy found those boots. Apparently, Adam had walked through something that smelled really good to felines. Izzy spent the next 20 minutes sniffing, rubbing his head on, and hugging my brother’s work boots. It was quite a funny sight.  (more…)

My Furry Alarm Clock

Do you have a furry alarm clock at home? My furry alarm clock likes to sit in wait across the room. I’ve woken up before my alarm and cracked an eye open to see Izzy perched on a chair or trunk in my room, just waiting. He sits up, fully alert, anticipating his cue.

The second my alarm goes off, he bounds across the room and jumps onto my stomach, which makes breathing difficult – he’s 19 pounds! Then with his nose inches from mine, he begins to purr loudly. (more…)

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