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Less Than Two Weeks Until India… Can You Help?

Happy Wednesday! 

In less than two weeks, myself and two others (Theresa and Mike) will be heading to India. We will be traveling from July 23 until August 7. I can’t wait to see my precious girls again!

I’m still in need of some funding for the trip. I was further ahead in that area until I had to make an unexpected trip home to Illinois for my uncle’s funeral. Can you help?? Here is what I still need:

  • 4 gifts of $200
  • 3 gifts of $100
  • children’s multivitamins (more…)

Across the Street

Growing up, across the street was a pretty magical place. It was filled with sweet treats, an enchanted garden, little gnomes and frogs that guarded the garden, flowers you could eat and others you could snap, the best climbing tree ever, and two of the most amazing people I have had the privilege of knowing.

Adam and I spent our summers across the street… at John and Marilynn’s. He was a retired judge and naval officer. She was a retired court clerk who absolutely adored him. Since they married later in life, she had no biological children, and John’s kids and grandkids were all grown up (he had been widowed). When I was two, I because their ‘adopted’ granddaughter, and Adam joined the club a couple years later when he entered the world. (more…)

Birds of Tennessee

This winter and spring I have noticed many differences and similarities in the birds between Illinois and Tennessee. The two states have many birds in common, including the Cardnial, Bluejay, Robin, Mourning Dove, Goldfinches, and many other small Finches.

Goldfinch (Photo Source)


Sliding Down Western Avenue

My alarm went off at 7:00am this morning. I checked Facebook, and sure enough, there was an email saying our Habitat for Humanity project was delayed until 10:00. I assumed this would happen because it snowed a little last night, maybe an inch or two. I decided to take full advantage of the delay, and went straight back to sleep in my warm bed.

I heard my alarm once more at 9:00am. I rechecked Facebook and as there were no new updates, I got up and got ready to go paint. You may think I’m strange, but I really do enjoy painting. Heading outside, I noted that it didn’t feel terribly cold; it felt like the snow would melt by mid-day. I quickly brushed off the inconsequential accumulation of snow on my car and drove off towards I-40. The roads were completely clear, just a little wet. The snow that had fallen was confined to the yards and foliage. I chuckled to myself as I thought about what it takes in northern Illinois for anything to get delayed or canceled. However, I figured, the roads could have been snow-covered until just recently, when it could have started melting off the roads. And I wouldn’t want any of my friends out on the roads if they were icy. (more…)

The Most Beautiful Snowfall

I am watching what is arguably the most beautiful snowfall, at least that I have ever seen.  They are falling so gently and softly. Everything on the ground is being tucked in under a large fluffy white quilt. It makes me want to put on my mittens and go outside and play in it! Or, maybe just curl up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm kitty, then sit back and enjoy the miracle of God’s creation. (more…)

Oh the Weather Outside Is Frightful… Wait, No It Isn’t!

It is January 3. Where I’m from in Illinois, it is pretty cold by this time of the year. So cold, that the highs typically do not even reach up to the freezing point. In fact, their weather forecast for the next week is only in the 20s (in Fahrenheit). Which, actually isn’t too bad – it could be a lot worse. Anyone care for some -30 weather??

However, I live in Tennessee now. I am wearing a light sweater. I went outside without a coat. The highs for the next week are in the mid 40s.There is not a single flake of snow to be found. (more…)

First Snow Cancellation

It isn’t anything terribly exciting and monumental, but tonight was my first snow cancellation here in Tennessee. I was at a singles group’s Tacky Sweater Christmas Party, and it was lightly snowing outside. We were just getting things going with some games, when one of the leaders makes the announcement that we have to pack up quickly because the roads were getting bad. I glanced out the window and saw maybe a half-inch to an inch of snow on the ground. It had been snowing all day, but not really sticking until after sunset, so I couldn’t imagine it was too terrible out there. (more…)

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