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Dancing with a Skink

I sat down to a quiet lunch today with a cat in my lap. The stillness was disrupted by the sounds of another cat on the hunt. By the time I went upstairs, I could not determine which cat it was that had been exercising its natural instincts.

But I found what it had been chasing. A tail-less brown skink.

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Bed Bug Buddy

Considering the horrors I endured that fateful evening, it should have been a dark and stormy night. But it wasn’t. It was a fall night like any other. I found myself engrossed in the plot of a good book until I realized how late it had gotten. I snapped the book shut, flicked off my reading light, and quickly did the mental math as I rolled over, calculating how many precious hours of sleep I could get if I fell asleep instantly.

Laying my right side, I snuggled down deep into my covers, pulling the blankets up around my face. I made every effort to become motionless, beckoning sleep to hurry to my heavy eyelids. And of course when you are trying not to move, that’s when a need arises; I felt a little ticklish itch in my left ear. Finally conceding that I would not sleep until I satisfied the itch, I responded to it with a quick twist of my pinky finger just inside my ear. Confident that this would solve the problem, I resumed my motionless wait for sleep to arrive.

But the itch didn’t go away.

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