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Across the Street

Growing up, across the street was a pretty magical place. It was filled with sweet treats, an enchanted garden, little gnomes and frogs that guarded the garden, flowers you could eat and others you could snap, the best climbing tree ever, and two of the most amazing people I have had the privilege of knowing.

Adam and I spent our summers across the street… at John and Marilynn’s. He was a retired judge and naval officer. She was a retired court clerk who absolutely adored him. Since they married later in life, she had no biological children, and John’s kids and grandkids were all grown up (he had been widowed). When I was two, I because their ‘adopted’ granddaughter, and Adam joined the club a couple years later when he entered the world. (more…)

Happy Birthday To My Brother

Today is my brother Adam’s birthday. My little, but taller, brother. He is 26 years-old now – that’s just crazy. When did he get so old?! Wait, that means I’m old, too…. I have loved having the priveledge of watching him grow, learn, and mature into a good man. And I have had the honor of praying for him all these years. (more…)

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