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5 Years – I Miss…

Today marks fives years since my dad left this world and went on to be with Jesus. In many ways each passing year gets easier.

Our last picture together.

Our last picture together.

But there are some things I miss…

Lately, I’ve been missing his corny jokes. He told the worst ones… the ones that would just make you groan and roll your eyes. But his eyes would light up and he would laugh at himself. I wish I could remember more of those corny jokes.  (more…)

STEPS Christmas Gift Catalog

This is the gift catalog for STEPS Girls’ Home in India that I mentioned in my latest Update. Please consider giving to them this Christmas season. Thank you!


Less Than Two Weeks Until India… Can You Help?

Happy Wednesday! 

In less than two weeks, myself and two others (Theresa and Mike) will be heading to India. We will be traveling from July 23 until August 7. I can’t wait to see my precious girls again!

I’m still in need of some funding for the trip. I was further ahead in that area until I had to make an unexpected trip home to Illinois for my uncle’s funeral. Can you help?? Here is what I still need:

  • 4 gifts of $200
  • 3 gifts of $100
  • children’s multivitamins (more…)

India, Day 6 – Zambians, the Slums, and a Wedding

These thoughts are excerpts from my journal from my trip to India: 

December 6

Tara and I started out the morning by giving the girls a few of the items that the team and I brought over. She explained that they don’t get everything at one time because she wants them to appreciate it all. So we gave them a few things: hairbrushes, hairbows, a few new dresses, some candy. It felt like Christmas morning – it was so much fun to see their reactions to it all. They kept saying “Thank you Akka!” while touching my face and giving countless hugs.


The American Dream & Seashells

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hot dogs, watermelon, fireworks, and flags: things we typically think of when it comes to summer, and especially the 4th of July. I saw many people dressed up in red, white, and blue while scurrying around Wal-Mart after church to get those last-minute items for their picnics and backyard bbq’s. I have to admit though, I wasn’t feeling patriotic. (However, forgetting a bag at the store, then having to drive all the way back to get it isn’t likely to put anyone in a fabulous mood!)

But my mind was on the morning’s sermon. It was the high school youth pastor, Chris’, turn to preach, and he felt the burden to share what God had been teaching him in an area that he admittedly fell short in: caring for the poor. The Bible describes the poor as those who are needy, oppressed, widowed, orphaned, or fatherless. In Deuteronomy 15:7-8, God commands His people not to be closefisted toward the poor in the land, but to be openhanded. More than anything else, the Bible talks about how we are to treat those in need around us. (more…)

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