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Friday Sing-a-long: Footloose!

Ok, so I know technically it’s Saturday… but it’s still a great way to enjoy the weekend!

So here’s MercyMe with their rendition of Footloose. Kinda makes you want to dance, right?


Friday Sing-a-Long: “Jump!”

It’s Friday!

So it is time for another installment of “Friday Sing-a-Long” with MercyMe and one of their Cover Tune Grab Bag songs. These guys crack me up.

Enjoy your Friday and sing along if you know it… and you know you do!  (more…)

The many ways being a four year old is hard! (As per my four year old)

Anne’s little guy Tobin makes me laugh so hard! This is a great example why. lol

Beautifully Blessed & Blogging

According to my four year old  son, being four is way harder than being two.Which just so happens to be the age of his younger brother.  Like many homes in the midwest and America, gathering around the table for dinner often brings about amazing and memorable conversations. On such an evening in our home, my four year old son began discussing the many ways being a four year old is “Oh So Very” hard.

“Mom.” he began, “Being four is way harder than being two. Now, just listen Mom…..shush…just listen! I have really been thinking about this! Grandma and Grandpa’s buy me really amazing and expensive gifts and I have to share them! Is this really fair?”

I thought back to all of the stolen train tracks, drool covered legos and couldn’t help but be sympathetic to his plight!

His list of difficulties continued….

” I know a lot, I…

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Need a Laugh? How About a Camel Laugh?

Have the Monday Blahs? Do you need a good laugh to start out your week? You will want to watch this little video.

I find this funny every time I watch it… I can’t help but laugh!


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