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Wedding Hangover

On Friday night, I witnessed the beautiful marriage of my friend Dani to the love of her life, Joey. I had the honor and privilege of helping them set up, decorate, and just serving them where needed.

I spent the entire week – Monday through Friday – running around helping the family get things ready. My pedometer on my phone told me that I walked anywhere from 5-8 miles each day. But when it came time for the ceremony on Friday night, the room looked gorgeous. The room was set up with round tables, covered in white table cloths with blue overlays. Then there were dishes, favors, candles and white roses on each table. We had decorated the room with white Christmas lights everywhere. The aisle was lined with white columns, flower garland, tulle, and candles. Both the ceremony and the reception took place in the same room. As people arrived, they were seated at the tables where they both watched the ceremony and enjoyed the reception. The whole evening was filled with touches that reflected their personalities. And Dani was simply stunning in her beautiful white dress. (more…)


I arrived back in the States on Saturday from a simply wonderful time in Israel. Unfortunately I’m still fighting the effects known as jet-lag. One thing is for certain – they got the ‘lag’ part right! My body is revolting against coming back to my time zone. Why is it that it is so easy to get into a new time zone? Could it be the adrenaline that helps us adjust quickly to a new place? Maybe I need to get more excited about coming back home so my body eases into the time of origin better. But, to be honest, I wasn’t excited about coming home. Not that I don’t love Knoxville and the people here… I just completely fell in love with Israel and it’s people. I told my group that they could sell me for camels and leave me behind – I would have been completely content with that. (more…)

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