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Week 1 and 5 pounds

I walked the behemoth hill three times this week, each trip being about 4 miles.

I learned not to take the bike path behind some of the houses last night… it only leads to more insanely steep hills than the normal ones I walk on the road and there is no breeze back there.

And after weighing myself each day this week, I have lost a total of 5 lbs! That’s some good motivation to keep it up! I think I like my new routine! (more…)

The Battle with the Bulge

Recently I’ve been writing a little bit about working out… or my lack thereof. I am happy to report that my lack has ended. I have finally gotten myself motivated and have been walking in the evenings. Well, maybe it should be classified as more of a hike (I should invest in a walking stick!). The neighborhood that I live in is very short, so I have been going across the street to the next neighborhood to walk their roads. You can easily get a 5-mile walk in their subdivision… if you want to walk straight up the steepest hill inhabited by people this side of the Mississippi, that is.

I walked this subdivision last fall with a friend before going to Israel, to get in good touring shape. Thankfully, I have since found a second way to the top of the hill. Instead of going straight up the whole way, this way winds its way up the side of the hill… or shall I say “mountain”. It is still intense, but much easier on my shins! (more…)

How Do You Stay in Shape?

Ok, so to be completely honest, I haven’t been doing the best at working out recently. And I desperately should be. I think my problem is, I haven’t found a good routine that I’ve been able to stick with since Curves. I used to love Curves, but at some point I plateaued, lost interest, and have been struggling ever since to find a workout that I have been able to stick with for more than a few weeks.

Another excuse I’ve found to be too easy to use is that in this section of Knoxville there are hardly any sidewalks which adds a game of dodge-that-car to your workout.  It is also incredibly hilly, so rollerblading and bike riding are also a bit more dangerous. (more…)

Winter Workout Blahs?

Working out is hard. If you’re like me, it gets even harder when the weather turns cold. My motivation level drops, my bed gets more comfortable, and The Scale becomes my mortal enemy.

This winter, however, I decided to fight back against my nemesis, The Scale. I started searching online for workout videos that would help keep me motivated. I ran across ExerciseTV (pardon the pun). They have free videos that range from a few minutes of training you on a new move, to full-length work outs. They give you many categories to choose from, as well as different instructors. So far I have found them motivating, and with so many options I haven’t gotten bored with it yet. And they are FREE! (more…)

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