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Thankful Thursdays


This week, I am thankful for…

1. Time with family. Two weekends I got to go home and spend time with mine. The highlight of the weekend – horseback riding!  What a great day!


“This Is a Perfect Time To Panic!”

If ever I had a moment to share that sentiment with Woody from Toy Story, it was recently. As our ministry is traveling around with the production Questioning Aslan and our two British actors, I have been having fun running the sounds for the play. It has all gone very smoothly, except for one instance.

Two minutes into the play, the computer that I was running the sounds from decided that it HAD to shut down that very instant. There was no getting around it. The black box of death and appeared and it would not be ignored. I wanted so badly to scream, “This is a perfect time to panic!”


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