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The Manger – December 11 Devos

(The following is the devotional for the week that I sent to our small group.)

Only 14 days until Christmas. Wow. I find if I don’t take time to meditate on Jesus during this season, the time totally slips away from me!

I loved Brad’s sermon this past weekend about the shepherds (if you missed it, check it out here: Jesus came in such a way that even the most outcast of society still had access to Him. The way He entered this earth is nothing short of miraculous and significant.

If you go to Bethlehem today, you can enter the cave where Jesus was born. However, since the early church built on that site, it looks nothing like it used to. But not far from the Church of the Nativity is an area called The Shepherd’s Field. They have many caves there, left in their original state, so that you can imagine what it was like that night that Mary and Joseph welcomed a wailing 8-pound bundle of flesh into the world.  (more…)

Bethlehem – Israel, September 9

This was the day our little group of six ventured into Bethlehem, while the rest of our group was catching planes to go home. Bethlehem is less than 6 miles south of Jerusalem. However, Bethlehem is under Palestinian control so that means a boarder-crossing to enter the city. On any given day, this crossing can take hours. But because it was a holiday for both the Muslims and the Jews, we literally drove straight up to the gates and passed right on through. It was a Christmas miracle! …or something like that.

On our drive through Bethlehem, we passed signs for Boaz’s Field Restaurant, Ruth’s Restaurant, and a green and white “Star and Bucks” cafe.

Our first stop in Bethlehem was at the Church of the Nativity – the traditional site of Jesus’ birth. We visited the different sections of the church, designated for different denominations. We even got to go a back way down into the cave where the traditional site where Jesus was born. (more…)

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