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The Holy Exchange

At our small group retreat this past weekend, we had a time of surrendering things to the Lord. We all wrote those things out on paper, then put our papers in the fire to burn, to signify fully giving those things over, because we could never take them back.

The amazing thing is that Jesus makes beauty from ashes. As those things burned, Jesus told me to say this over the girls….  (more…)


I have been thinking a lot about walls lately.

Not the literal kind in a building, but the proverbial walls that we have around each of us. Often we put up walls as a defense mechanism when we get hurt. We’ve all done it to some degree. We put up a steely, cold exterior so that no one can get in and do more damage. The problem is, if we keep everyone out then no one can get in to help us heal. Not even God. If we insist on staying within our walls of hurt, He will let us. But He does wait patiently nearby, calling to us, and is ready for the moment we finally let Him in. (more…)

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