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Sponsorship Table

Last weekend, I attended my church’s first adoption conference and got the opportunity to set up some information about STEPS. I spent a lot of time working on getting the display ready during the week leading up to the event.

The girls of STEPS can be sponsored for $30 a month, and we need 10 sponsors per girl to help meet all of their needs. So I made little buckets that hold ten pictures of each of the girls. On the front is their picutre and name, on the back is their birthday and story of how they came to STEPS. Then when someone sponsors one of the girls, they get to take one of the pictures with them. (more…)

September 2011 Ministry Update – India, here I come!

I am so excited to share with you that I have a plane ticket to India in December! Isaac and Tara have asked me to bring them a few things that are difficult to get in India, such as peanut butter and Jolly Ranchers. I included their wishlist in this update. Check out all the details below! (more…)

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