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Uses for Vinegar

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I read an article this morning on that gave 20 unusual uses for vinegar. There were a few I had never heard of that I may have to try, such as:

3. Removeunderarm stains
Unsightly sweat stains can really ruin an otherwise beautiful blouse. Ironically, if you use aluminum-based antiperspirants, they’re even more likely to appear, thanks to a reaction between aluminum compounds in these products and salts in your sweat. Spray full-strength white vinegar on the stain before washing, and it will disappear.

6. Deterants
Got trails of tiny ants weaving their way around your home? These annoying insects aren’t big fans of vinegar, so spraying a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water anywhere you have seen them can help encourage them to move out. The vinegar also erases the scent trails that they use to indicate sources of food to their brethren. (more…)

A Bird’s Eye View

Ever wish you could be face-to-face with a bald eagle? You can, via live video feed.

In Decorah, IA there is a pair of nesting bald eagles with three eggs. You can watch and listen to them live on video by clicking on this link to go to their page: I have noticed that the male is a bit chatty at times, so make sure to have you volume up so you can hear them! (more…)

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