Musings from a promise-collector

I took that step. I was obedient. I resigned from my job and moved into a different rental. Everything familiar had changed. So… now what, Jesus?

But He didn’t give me the next step. All He said was, “Rest.”


Well, not what I was expecting, but if that’s what He wants I’ll do it. 

So to get by while waiting for Him to show me the next career, I took odd jobs – mostly house-, pet-, and baby-sitting. I also spent time studying. I was enrolled in Perspectives on the World Christian Movement about global missions, and I was doing a Beth Moore study. Interestingly enough it was her study on The Patriarchs. Of course God would be so sweet as to bring me face-to-face with Abraham during this season. He reminded me how faithful He was as He led Abraham to a land he knew not of. He continually reassured me as we walked through the Scriptures.

One of the beautiful parts of this season was the time that I got to volunteer and pour into other people. I had the freedom to go and do whatever I was needed.

Eventually, God did provide a part-time job for me. But even in the midst of that, I kept hearing Him say, “Rest; the next season will be busy.”

So I did. Or at least attempted to. I tried to keep my free time as free as possible.

Jesus & I also spent time addressing things (fears, wounds, hard places) in my heart that were showing up. I had never noticed them before since I had never dated, but suddenly I found a man in my life that was beginning to pursue me (I’ll have more on that story later). So there were days where I spent much time praying, worshiping, journaling, and on my face before Him as He revealed the hidden brokenness in me and I allowed Him to touch, mend, and speak to those places.

I was now understanding why He gave me such a prolonged time of rest.

Rest is not something that comes easy to us. Parts of me really tried to fight it. but I had been through a similar season years before where He told me to rest. Back then I fought it. This only made it more painful and longer than probably necessary. This time, I fought the urge to fight it, took a deep breath, and allowed myself to relax into His arms. This made the healing of those broken places a lot less painful.

And He was right. I’m thankful for the rest, because the next season was incredibly busy.

Where does he have you? Are you in a busy season? Your time of rest will come. Are you in a season of rest? Relax into it because a busy season will be right behind it. Wherever He has you right now, be fully there. He has something for you in every season.

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