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This is a continuation of the story of the healing journey the Lord has me on. You can read about The NeedThe Past 6 MonthsQuiet Waters6 Weeks Since QW, Christmas, and Encouraged by Sarah’s Story

I was thinking the other day that it has been a while since I’ve written an update about where I am in my healing process. I guess it is because there haven’t been any noticeable changes recently.

Or at least I thought, until I was cleaning the other night. The mini blinds in my room were quite dusty, and I couldn’t put it off any longer. And the windows in my room are huge, so this was no small undertaking…. like, try 2.5 hours to do three side-by-side windows. 

It was easy going until I started to near the bottom of the blinds. Then it got awkward. I couldn’t really bend over, because that would just kill my back. But I couldn’t sit on the floor and reach everything I needed to. The only option was to get onto my knees.

Normally I avoid being on my knees for any length of time, because I pay for it with days of pain. But, I have been noticing lately that I have been able to be on my knees for at least a few seconds at a time without pain. So I figured I’d try it.

I spent probably 6 or 7 minutes on my knees for each window. And I haven’t had a mite of pain at all!

That just further confirms that the Lord is still at work in my body… straightening, stretching, and moving things around.

Soon… soon… one day soon, I will be able to look in the mirror and see a straight back. Thank you, Jesus!

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