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This is a continuation of the story of the healing journey the Lord has me on. You can read about The Need, The Past 6 Months, Quiet Waters, 6 Weeks Since QW, and Christmas

I listen to K-LOVE radio in the mornings when I’m getting ready for work.k-love I love listening to the Morning Show – the three DJs are very encouraging and entertaining.

On Monday, February 4th, they received a call from a listener with an amazing story. Her name was Sarah, and she shared about her life with severe scoliosis – so much so, that her ribs touched her hips. But only days before calling, the Lord had miraculously healed her and she grew 4 inches! The DJs kept her on the phone for a while to hear more of her incredible story. 

Sarah had been to many doctors throughout the years, but had found no solution to her problem. She explained how many of her family members had been healed from sickness and other conditions. So one day recently she felt the Lord say to her heart, “Why don’t you ask me to heal you?” So she did. She laid down on her bed, prayed and cried, and felt the warmth of the Holy Spirit come over her. When she got up, she felt different; noticed that things looked different. That’s when she realized that she was taller! Four inches taller!

Hearing her story encouraged my heart. At Quiet Waters the Lord told me that He is doing a “slow surgery” on my back. I have no idea how slow that is. So I am waiting on Him. And I won’t lie, there have been a few days where I hear that little voice that says, “Did He really mean that? Is He really healing me?” because I have not seen much evidence of it recently. But I quickly dismiss that thought – because He promised it to me, and He is faithful to His promises!

Later that morning, I heard more encouragement on K-LOVE. This time it was through the song Promises, by Sanctus Real.

The chorus goes:

And hold on to the promises (Hold tight)
Hold on to the promises (Alright)
Jesus is alive so hold tight
Hold on to the promises

That is what I am doing – I am holding on to the promise that He is working, even when I can’t see it.

And someday soon, I will see the physical results of His behind-the-scenes working on my body. I probably won’t be 4 inches taller, like Sarah is, but I will definitely be standing up taller and straighter soon!

Thank you Jesus!

The story continues with My Knees

Comments on: "My Story of Healing: Encouraged by Sarah’s Story" (2)

  1. […] The story continues with Encouraged by Sarah’s Story. […]

  2. […] This is a continuation of the story of the healing journey the Lord has me on. You can read about The Need, The Past 6 Months, Quiet Waters, 6 Weeks Since QW, Christmas, and Encouraged by Sarah’s Story.  […]

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