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5 Years – I Miss…

Today marks fives years since my dad left this world and went on to be with Jesus. In many ways each passing year gets easier.

Our last picture together.

Our last picture together.

But there are some things I miss…

Lately, I’ve been missing his corny jokes. He told the worst ones… the ones that would just make you groan and roll your eyes. But his eyes would light up and he would laugh at himself. I wish I could remember more of those corny jokes. 

I miss his advice. Especially when it comes to cars. I wish he could tell me what to do with my car right now. But now that’s something I have to figure out on my own.

I miss the irrational stubbornness. It didn’t matter if it made a lick of sense to anyone else – when he had his mind made up, it wasn’t easy to change it. But I often felt up to that challenge to try anyway. Guess I got those genes from him.

I miss trying to figure out what the heck to buy him for Christmas. He was one of the most difficult people to buy for, because if he needed it, he’d buy it himself. So then I’d make it my goal to find the most obscure gift I could, and yet he could still guess what it was before he unwrapped it.

I miss the smell of wood shavings coming up from the basement. I love the smell of cut lumber since it was such a constant throughout my childhood.

There is one thing I don’t miss though. Every Sunday afternoon he would watch NASCAR racing. I do not miss the sound of those loud engines going around… and around… and around. The sound always reminds me of him, but it is one of those sounds I can’t listen to for long. He would inevitably fall asleep while watching it (because really, how much action is there until someone crashes?), and we would sneak the remote out of his hand and try to change the channel. But he woke up every time with a sleepy “I was watching that,” and we’d have to change it back.

I am so thankful that someday I will see Jesus face-to-face. Because then I will get to see my dad again, too.


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