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This is a continuation of my story of the healing process that the Lord has had me on recently. You can read about it under My Story of Healing

The 12-hour drive between TN and northern IL is usually really tough on my back. By the time I arrive at my destination, all I want to do is lay as flat on my back as possible to stretch out the aching muscles. But since I’d been feeling better than usual recently, I thought this drive home might be different.

About 3 hours into the drive though, I was in pain. I called my sweet friend, Theresa, who so quickly began an internet search for the closest Walgreens for me. I pulled over and bought a box of those heat patches and quickly stuck one on my lower back. Why hadn’t I thought of this idea sooner?? It made the rest of the drive so much less painful than it usually is – both to IL and back. 

While I was home for Christmas, I had an appointment to see my chiropractor. My body responds well to NUCCA, but it usually takes 2 or 3 rounds of adjustments before Dr. Heath is satisfied and lets me go. When I got to his office, I told him the very abbreviated version of what the Lord has been doing with my back. He was excited to hear it. Then he “measured” me (to see how off-center I was), and began his adjustments. After one round of adjusting, he put me back on his scales to see how my body had responded, and I was stunned – he said my hips were even. That never happens after just the first round… at least not with me. And I can’t remember the last time I left his office with my hips being perfectly even… usually it’s just really close. I was amazed.

And very encouraged. My back responded more quickly than usual and has been in much less pain over the last couple of months. I have also noticed something else. Normally I cannot kneel for any length of time without serious pain for the following two days or so. But with everything going on at the ministry right now, with all of the busyness of the plays this month, I have had to get down onto my knees a few times to pack things up. And I have had very little pain afterwards. I’m still being cautious though, and not pushing it… but that is encouraging.

Each week I see little things that seem to be improving, and my heart is encouraged and strengthened. Jesus is indeed doing “a slow surgery on my back.”

The story continues with Encouraged by Sarah’s Story.


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