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I am in the midst of a healing work that the Lord is doing in my life. Read about The Need, The Past 6 Months, and Quiet Waters to find out what He has done so far!

Quiet Waters was almost six weeks ago. Since that amazing night of ministry, I have been noticing things I’ve never felt before. Instead of just all over aches or a sore lower back, I have been having very localized aches and pains. It is sometimes the size of a tennis ball, and that area will ache sometimes for minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes a day or more. But then it moves and somewhere else very specific will hurt. Considering the “slow surgery,” it makes sense that the Lord is strategically moving around my back, putting this muscle back, stretching that tendon, maneuvering that bone… He’s working.

On November 28, I went to The Well at church – our weekly prayer and worship time. The night began with some really sweet worship. I was in the back of the room, thanking the Lord for the work on my back He has done so far. Eventually Danny (Pastor of Prayer) gave us directions to get into groups of 3 or 4 to pray for one another for any healing that we need. I ended up in a group with Danny and my sweet friend Robyn. Danny told us about a women in our church who needed our prayers that day for healing, so we began by praying for her healing… for her back.

As we finished praying for her, Robyn immediately started praying for my back – she knows of my pain, but I hadn’t yet had a chance to tell her (or Danny) about what happened at Quiet Waters. So I had to laugh to myself. Then Danny began to pray, and he said, “This may sound a little strange, but I think you’re supposed to bend over to touch your toes while we pray for your back… something about decompressing your spine.” That made me laugh… I told them what happened only a couple weeks before, and how Lynda and asked me to touch my toes while she prayed too. So, I did my best toe-touch while they prayed for my back. As Robyn prayed again, she noted that my spine felt very hot. Odd, because I’m naturally cold-natured… rarely does my body run hot. That definitely had to be the Lord’s healing touch on me while they were praying.

The localized, traveling aches and pains continued after that night… continued working.

A couple weeks later, again at The Well on December 12, I found Eileen. (If you remember from The Past 6 Months, she had prayed over me and shared with our growth group about practicing His presence in our pain.) Something I had been pondering lately that Eileen had shared with our group was about inviting Jesus into our pain. But not just our personal pain… “our’s” as in mine and Jesus’ pain. He helps us to carry our heavy burdens by stepping into life with us. In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus talks about sharing a yoke with us… He is in this life with us.

Since I had been thinking so much about what Eileen shared with us, I wanted to share my story so far with Eileen. She agreed that the Lord is definitely up to something! She then encouraged me to share everything that has happened so far, to be bold and get it out there. I have shared this story with some people so far, but I definitely felt like I should be telling more people.

Something the Lord had been also reminding me of lately was something Beth Moore said in that same video in which she talked about the Luke 13 passage. She said that if we do not allow people to walk through our pain with us, how can we expect them to fully rejoice with us on the other side? Because without walking through it with us, they can not understand the depths of what we have journeyed through. Romans 15:15 tells us to “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” We do that when we let people walk with us through all circumstances.

So I agreed with Eileen – it was time to start telling this story. Plus, in by recording everything He has done, I will hopefully not miss anything He is teaching me through this process.

And when my healing is complete, you will be able to rejoice with me!

So now I wait to see what He does next. And I will share with you as soon as He does!


Read the next part of the story about my trip to IL for Christmas.

Comments on: "My Healing Story: 6 Weeks Since QW" (5)

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  2. So neat Nicole 🙂 thanks for sharing!

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