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I am on a journey of healing with the Lord. You can read about The Need that caused me to get to this place as well as the 6 Months leading up to this point.

Since it had been stated that the Lord wanted to do some healing at our Quiet Waters church retreat, Quiet Waters Logo for WebI was expectant the entire time. Jesus ministered to me in some wonderful ways that weekend, but I additionally kept waiting for the moment that we were released to pray for healing. Friday night, the last hour of the retreat, the Lord finally released us to pray for those things that had been laying dormant in our lives: dreams, hopes, promises, delayed healing, etc. I was up in a flash. The Lord amazed me with how He sent people to pray over me. After that night, I sent an email to each person who prayed for me, so that they could see the big picture of what God did that night. Here’s some of what I wrote: 

I wanted to thank you for praying for my healing at Quiet Waters. God was definitely up to something there! He used each of you in a unique way to pray for me, so I wanted to tell you all a bit of the story.

That night when we were told to pray prayers of release, healing was one of the things mentioned, so I went looking for someone in particular but couldn’t find her. I literally almost ran into Joyel though. She asked if she could pray for me, so I asked her to pray for my healing. She did, so sweetly, and suddenly the tears started to flow. When she finished praying I went back to worshiping.

Lynda then came over to me to ask if she could pray for my healing. But we went into another room since she said she felt like I was supposed to bend over and touch my toes, which could look rather awkward. So she began to pray, and as she did, I was standing (upright) there silently praying telling the Lord that if what He needed to do was quick and painful, I was ok with that. I could take the pain short-term to know I was healed. As Lynda kept praying she could see Jesus’ face when He looked at the Luke 13 woman, and told me that He was looking at me with that same compassion, which caused tears to fall again. She also said, “I feel like He’s doing a slow surgery on your back.”

We went back into the room and I worshiping Him more, when Wendy and Theresa came over to me to pray for my healing as well. More tears. I’m really not a big crier, so this was unusual.

Then Stephanie came over to me to tell me something, and she also said a quick prayer of healing for me.

We ended the night in worship. As people were leaving, I got talking with John. He asked me what Jesus had done this weekend, so I began to tell him. He told me to turn around so he could pray for my back too. So as I’m standing there, Karen walks up in front of me and begins to pray for my healing as well. She said she could feel how thick the Spirit was on me. Then she said, “I feel like the Lord is doing a slow surgery on your back.” Well, ok then. I am listening, Lord!

With all of the muscles, tendons, and bones that need to be moved back into place, I suppose I am thankful that He is choosing to do this gently! And I do think the tears were some sort of release that needed to happen as well.

I don’t know how slowly He is working, but I know this – He is working! So sometime soon my body should reflect the work He is doing and the healing will be complete.

God is good! Thank you for all of your prayers! I so appreciate each one of you and I know He used you!

There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus used that retreat to spark the beginning of this healing process. Which means this is only the start of amazing things to come! And I didn’t have to wait long for the next encouraging point along this journey. But that’s a story for the next post….

To read what happens next, see 6 Weeks Since QW.


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