Musings from a promise-collector

Happy December!Staff Nicole head shot

As you maybe saw in my Update last week, this is a busy month for us, preparing for Searchlight Theatre to return in January and February on top of our regular teaching, counseling, and training. The Infusion office is abuzz with activity! (To read more about what I have been up to lately, visit the Monthly Update page.)

As you may know, I live 100% off the support of great people like yourself. Would you be willing to end 2012 with a generous gift to help keep me teaching and counseling people all over the world toward Christ?

Here are the following ways that you can support me at the end of 2012 and into 2013: 

  • If you are a current supporter would you give an extra $25-50 with your December gift?
  • Would you give to the ministry for the first time with a generous year-end gift, or commit to giving in 2013?

You can give online at Online giving is quick, easy, and safe. Or you can mail a check with my name in the Memo to:

Infusion Ministries / PO Box 22087 / Knoxville, TN 37933

I would like to offer my deep gratitude for all of you that have faithfully prayed and supported our mission financially! I TRULY could not have made it through this year without your love and support. I look forward to continuing to represent you all in ministry and serve well in 2013!

Abundant blessings,


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