Musings from a promise-collector

The Smell of Snow

I stepped outside of church last night to a very familiar smell. I could feel it in the air.

Yesterday was a rainy morning followed by a damp, overcast day. After the sun went down there was a chill to the air.

Oh yes, this smell was unmistakable: snow.

As I inhaled deeply of that familiar aroma, I remembered nights as a kid going to bed hoping and praying for a day off of school. But since I now live in the South, I knew that not a even a flake would fall that night. It was only brisk, not frigid… not even freezing. Definitely not cold enough yet for snow.

I do appreciate that part of living in the South… it rarely gets below freezing, let alone below zero. But sometimes I do miss the snow… especially when I’ve caught a whiff of it.

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