Musings from a promise-collector

In the Car…

I have a confession…. there are things I do in my car that I would never do around people. This is especially true when I am driving back to my hometown, since the drive between Tennessee and Illinois is about 12 hours, because on those trips I have ample amounts of time to entertain myself.

I often sing at the top of my lungs to whatever is playing, be it Christian, country, rock, r&b… it doesn’t matter. When I really want to belt it out, I usually reach for Adele and Michael Buble’.

My singing is often accompanied with various dance moves that can be performed whilst sitting. Obviously you can’t get too crazy with your hands on the wheel, but there is still a large range of moves one can groove with. Sometimes it is just my fingers. Sometimes I get a little shoulder action into it. Sometimes it is a bit more involved.

Ocassionally I wish I had a whole group of backup dancers and singers with me… like the Harvard Baseball Team had.

I carry on lengthy conversations with God. He and I talk about all sorts of things when I’m driving along.

Sometimes while I am listening to the radio, I respond to the DJs. Whether it is a question, a trivia, or just a topic of discussion… if it begs an answer, I usually come up with one.

Overall, I am quite verbal when alone in the car. I know some of you may find that hard to believe (ha!).

One thing I definitely don’t do though is my makeup. I would rather do it in my mirror and run late than to try to do it in my car.


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